My name is Carie. I am 28-years-old and living an eternal awkward phase in that ignored part of New York... the state part.

I'm a writer working at a convenience store while raising two parents on my own with no help from my deadbeat siblings. I am also an amateur Baby Wrangler for my niece Giulia aka Baby!

You may say I'm weird but I say I'm awesome and since I'm me and you're not, I'm right. Just saying. So take a look around my blog, if you like it, stick around. If not, peace out. I'm not here to fucking impress you.










The Pirates Official Posters

What is this glorious looking glory.


Pirates (2014 film)

Set in the early Joseon Dynasty, a group led by a female pirate and another group led by a male bandit are on a mission to hunt down a whale that swallowed the royal seal bestowed on Joseon from China.


But I need to see this like pronto


Tryna see this ASAPtually.

Ellen: I have three cups of coffee in me I am goos until 1.

Mr. Guy: I am gonna make Carie Anne uncomfortable. Wanna go upstairs and play honeymoon.

Ellen: No, we're gonna watch this.

Me: [hysterical laughter] You want some ice for that burn.

Taught my mom a very important and dangerous lesson on marathoning: one more.

At least kdramallama still talks to me. She’s rad as fuck. If you aren’t following her, you should. Just saying.

The problem with drinking a gallon of water at work all day is you have to pee every 5 goddamn minutes.

Could totally curl up behind the counter and nap for years right now.

Dear exhaustion headache,
Sorry, I am terrible with time management and getting to sleep on time but I don’t have time to deal with you right now. So come back later.

Love always,

So I might actually have a birthday party this year. For those of you unfamiliar with my real life, I am super unpopular and such and my parties usually involve me and my best friend. I am only really cool on paper; in practical application I am a huge asshole loser, ask around.
Anyway, people said they would show up if I actually threw a party; whether or not they actually will remains unseen. It will, most likely be me, a bottle of vodka, some form of card game and whoever else wants in. We’ll see what happens. If you want an invite, wait until Dec to buy a plane ticket but you can come if you want.

Deli guy wants me to open at 5:30AM. IN THE MORNING. Are you fucking kidding? We lose school district and highway. Ugh. My boss is solidly against it. Thankfully. I dunno if I could get up that early. I can barely function at 6:30.