My name is Carie. I am 28-years-old and living an eternal awkward phase in that ignored part of New York... the state part.

I'm a writer working at a convenience store while raising two parents on my own with no help from my deadbeat siblings. I am also an amateur Baby Wrangler for my niece Giulia aka Baby!

You may say I'm weird but I say I'm awesome and since I'm me and you're not, I'm right. Just saying. So take a look around my blog, if you like it, stick around. If not, peace out. I'm not here to fucking impress you.



Ogawa Yayoi

Born: December 8
Location: Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
Manga Genres:  Josei, Shoujo, Shounen, Romance, Comedy, Drama, Tragedy, Slice-of-Life, Shounen-Ai (Boy’s Love), Mature
Official Website:

Major Works:

Baby Pop  1998
Baroque  2005
Candy Life  1999
Datte Daisuki Nanda Mon.  2013
Extra Heavy Syrup  2004
Figua yo Konnichiwa  2009
Ginban Kishi  2012
Gourment yo Konbanwa  2006
Kimi wa Pet (Tramps Like Us)  2000
Kimi wa Pet the Best  2002
Kiss & Never Cry  2006
Kokutai Apartment  2014
Watashi no Sensei  2006

I need sarcasm because stupid questions do exist.

At my workplace there are 2 recycling bins right next to one another, clearly labeled “Plastic/Glass” and “Paper.” I still see aluminum cans in the paper bin all the time. You have to assume people are idiots because… they are.
I have stopped being nice while answering stupid questions. I had a guy ask me where he’s supposed to throw his garbage. I told him, while pointing at that garbage can, “In the garbage.” I don’t even hide my judgy voice when people ask where the ATM is anymore. I just haven’t added ‘fucking’ between ‘the’ and ‘sign.’ It’s always great when I’m treated like the idiot. Nah, dude. I have a fucking college degree. I just work here for fun and so I can one day write a book about how much I wanna introduce your face to the deli flat top. I mean, have a nice day!
But anyway, if you are ever out this way and feel like hanging out in a mini-mart, come to mine and people watch. I will buy you a cookie and a soda.
?? That’s rude @-@
It was my mom. We were watching Bob’s Burgers on Netflix and she gets up and leaves to clean a closet then comes into my room after I wait forever for her to return and demands I come back and hang out with her. I was like, nah I am good here.


T.O.P for Max Movie (Sept) Magazine!

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Dear that cigarette,
I want your life.
Love always,

I miss my advice giving friends and mostly my friends in general. Please come back! I LOVE YOU!!!!

Yeah I totally wanna come back and hang out with you after you get up, without a word, and leave while we’re watching something. Are you fucking kidding?

I could use a cookie, a hug and a nap but will settle for a Twix, slamming my head on the counter and epic hangs in the cooler putting away deliveries.

Sad state of the world when you have to put a label on the garbage.

Sad state of the world when you have to put a label on the garbage.

I love watching people trip over the “Caution: wet floor sign.” Layers of fun on that.